Christmas Extravaganza

Sunday | December 18th @ 6:00

Savior for All, December 18th @ 6PM in the Sanctuary

A Theatrical Christmas Production of FBC Rayville and surrounding Richland Association Churches.

Opportunities to Serve: Adult Choir, Sound, Lights, Costuming, Choreography, Children's Choir, Set Design, Backstage/Scene Changes, etc.  

Weekly Choir Rehearsal:  Wednesdays at 7pm

Drama Rehearsals: TBA

For questions or assistance, you can contact Raymond or church office.

Drama info......

Click the button bellow to get an idea of the characters in the drama.

List of Parts:

Older Mary: 



Eli (Father of Mary)

Mother of Mary

Child Mary

Child Rachel

Roman Entourage: 2 upfront speakers

Teen Rachel

Teen Mary 



Shepherds: (3) Uri, Hershel, Jethro

Levi (Shepherds' Boss) 

Extra Shepherds (non-speaking)

Magi (3) (non-speaking)

Extras Crowd/Townspeople