Ministry Tracks

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All 1st - 6th graders will register by completing the form below and selecting the top 2 Ministry Tracks of their choice. Be sure to select the most desired track for option 1! Tracks will be assigned on a first come/first serve basis. There are limited spots in each class so be sure to register ASAP.

Ministry Track Descriptions

Music in Motion

This track will be expressing praise and worship through sign language and creative choreography!


This class is all about drama. This class will learn skills needed to put on skits and plays that will lead others to know the Lord. Children in this class will be preparing for our Vacation Bible School Drama!

Dude Perfect

This class will be exploring how to pull off the ultimate trick shots. There is no telling what kind of trick shots this group will attempt but one thing that is for sure.....They will learn that there has only ben ONE Person that is perfect and deserves our highest praise!

Crochet 2.0

This class will continue partnering with our crochet ministry to learn the art of crochet! They will be making hats for cancer patients, homeless people, and children in other countries! This is a class that will concentrate on using their skills for missions all across the globe! This is a continuation of last semester. Participants must have participated in crochet during the fall 2021 ministry track.

Wood Working

This class will be learning how to build all sorts of wood projects! They will gain a knowledge of different types of woods, tools, and skills needed to construct small wood projects and look for ways they can serve people in need.