Ministry Tracks

Where children learn real world skills and how to use them for Christ!

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All 3rd - 6th graders will register by completing the form below and selecting the top 3 Ministry Tracks of their choice. Be sure to select the most desired track for option 1! Tracks will be assigned on a first come/first serve basis. There are limited spots in each class so be sure to register ASAP.

Ministry Track Descriptions

Behind the Scenes

This track will be planning and creating decorations, props, and environments for productions and ministry! The main event they will be preparing for is VBS. This class will be responsible for decorating the sanctuary and education building for VBS 2021!


This class is all about drama. This class will learn skills needed to put on skits and plays that will lead others to know the Lord. Children in this class will be preparing for the daily drama skits for VBS as well as the VBS commencement play!

Lights, Camera, Action

This class will be learning how Cameras and computers can be used to lead others to Christ! Children will learn how to create photos and videos that can be used to promote church wide events. They will also be learning how to run the sound system, livestream, special lighting, and computers used each week during worship! Children will be given a chance to join one of the technology teams here at FBC!


This class will be learning to build and program robots! In this day and age, robots are being used for all sorts of things. This class is preparing to showing God's love by building robots that can help others in need.

Guitar Heroes

This class will be learning how to play the guitar or polishing the skills they already have. Music is a vital part of worship! Children in this class will be given the opportunity to help lead worship on Sunday mornings by playing with the Praise Team!

Problem Kids

This class is all about figuring out problems. Children will be given challenges they will have to find solutions for. As Christians, we are to help others. What better way to is there to help others than by helping to solve their problems. This class will be all about science and engineering and will be a ton of fun!