6/21-6/25 || Shalimar Retreat Center || Panama City, FL

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Basic Info about FUGE

At Centrifuge, students are divided into groups for recreation and Bible study based on age ranges by grade completed. Recreation is facilitated within Bible study groups by a member of our trained FUGE camp staff, who also leads the Bible study. Each activity serves a specific purpose and is debriefed so students can make application in their lives. Students also participate in Track Times. Track Times are created to give students the opportunity to participate in something with which they are familiar, or try something new! Students are divided into “tracks” based on a list of activities they indicate during the registration process. They offer creative, active, performance, and classroom-based activities during these times, and each track is led by a member of the FUGE staff.

Our group will be going to the FUGE camp at the Shalimar Retreat Center in Panama City, FL. The retreat center in right across the street from the beach and will have ample time for students to enjoy it. The retreat center was also recently renovated and is fresh and new, ready for campers. To see the Shalimar Retreat Center, click HERE.

Cost is $354 per participant.

FUGE Theme

The 2021 theme is Dwell and will focus on Psalm 46.

The relationship between God and man was broken by our sin but has been restored through Christ. Because of this, we can draw near to God, enjoy fellowship and relationship with Him and experience His ultimate peace and rest. In our culture, we have so many things grabbing our attention such as our phones, devices, social media and social expectations. Along with the pressures of school and other activities, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, drained and feeling empty.

Join us for FUGE Camps 2020 as we discover how to dwell with God, rest in His presence, push past distractions and focus on His peace. Spending time with the Lord changes everything!

For more theme details, click HERE!