Basic Training

2nd - 6th Graders | April 19-21 | @ The Ranch

Important info for all 2nd - 6th Graders and/or Chaperones for Basic Training!

The time is finally here for Basic Training (April 19-21)! As your children prepare to come, I have attached a “What To Bring” list so they will know what they can and can’t bring. Please check your email for any additional forms and/or waivers that need to be completed. Check-in will begin next Friday in the gym @ 5:30 PM.

I would like you to be in prayer for Basic Training. There is a lot of planning that goes into this weekend, and my ultimate desire is that the children will experience Christ in a real and personal way. Pray for your kid(s) and all the leaders who will be spending one-on-one time with your children. I am looking forward to seeing your kiddos at Basic Training!


If your kids have a baseball/softball game or need to leave Basic Training for any reason, please be sure to find me and sign them out. They will also need to be signed back in once they return from their event. 


  • We will LEAVE the FBC Rayville gym parking lot at 5:45 PM Friday, April 19th.
  • We will Return to home church Sunday morning for worship @ 9:00 and be dismissed after Sunday School.

What TO Bring:

• Bible, Pen, Journal/Notepad & journaling accessories

• Clothes: for Friday night through Sunday Morning:

• Old clothes/tennis shoes for Saturday afternoon (may get dirty)

• We will wear our Basic Training Shirts and jean/khakis on Sunday morning

• Favorite snack to share (chips, crackers, granola bars, cookies, etc) (no drinks needed)

  • Toiletries (including, but not limited to, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, and deodorant)
  • Shower shoes

• Towels

  • Sleeping bag or twin size sheets and pillow
  • Medication. Please send any prescriptions in a ziplock back with the child’s name and specific instructions (dosage, time, etc).

What NOT to Bring:

• Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.

  • Fireworks (I know they are awesome but not this weekend)
  • Laptops or Computers

• Inappropriate material

What NOT to Wear……Clothing that:

• Advertises alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.

• Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person.

• Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations.

• Has spaghetti/small straps or open back, except for sleepwear.

• Is excessively short or tight fitting.

  • Has writing or lettering on the backside.

Other important info:

Cell phones are permitted but they are to be used sparingly because they can

become a major distraction. One of the goals for the weekend is to get the children out of their normal context so they have the opportunity to experience Christ and make meaningful relationships.

***If you need any additional information or have any questions, Please call Tim @ 318-355-2188.