Welcome to First Baptist Church’s Nursery
We want your family to have a wonderful nursery experience as we partner in your little one’s faith development. Our nursery strives to be a place where each child feels safe and parents feel comfortable leaving their precious little one. The health and safety of your child is one of our primary concerns. We’re committed to keeping our nursery clean and sanitary. Our ratio of caring adults ensures each child’s needs will be personally met as he or she begins to discover the wonderful love of Jesus.

Nursery Hours

  • Sunday Mornings
    The nursery is available 15 minutes prior to the 8:30am worship service and remains available through the 10:45 service. For your child’s comfort, we recommend 2 hours in the nursery. For example: 8:30 worship service and 9:45 Sunday school hour.
  • Wednesday Nights
    The nursery is available beginning at 5:00 for you and your family to enjoy a meal together in the Family Life Center. The nursery is always available during bible studies and choir practice until 7:30.
  • Special Events
    The nursery is available for many special events.

What to Expect
We know it may be a big decision to leave your child in the nursery, so we want it to be an easy transition for you.
If you are Interested in trying out the nursery, please ask one of our nursery staff or volunteers to help you through the initial check-in process. Once your child has been entered into our secure check-in system you will be able to print the child’s name tag, pick-up receipt, and roster label. Please place the Child’s name tag on his or her back, hand the roster label to the nursery worker, and retain the pick-up receipt until returning to claim you child. Please be sure to leave your cell number with the nursery worker along with any allergy/special information for your child.

*For safety and security we ask that you remain on campus while your child is in the nursery, unless previous arrangements have been made with the nursery staff. We also ask that you pick up your child within 15 minutes of the last service you attend.

* In order to to expedite picking up your child, please limit the number of persons coming to the nursery for pick up to two. Siblings will not be allowed in the nursery.

What to Bring

  • Infants – A diaper bag with diapers, a bottle and/or snacks, and a
    change of clothes. If you child’s bottle isn’t prepared in advance, include mixing instructions as well.
  • Toddlers – A diaper bag with diapers and a change of clothes. (snacks and sippy cups are provided)
    Your diaper bags and all personal items, including bottles, should be labeled with the child’s name. If for any reason it is not labeled, the child care worker can provide you with a label.

When checking your child into the nursery, please make a quick exit if your child cries. Tears are normal and prolonged departures often make matters worse. Be sure the child care workers had your correct phone number in case they need you. Please put your phone on vibrate and keep it close by. Please do not come in the room just to check on your child. This tends to make matters worse for you and the child. We strive to give each child one on one time as well as lap time.

If your child is inconsolable after 10–15 minutes, you will be contacted via text.

Sick Child Policy
Young children are very susceptible to colds and flus. We want to help eliminate these concerns, as much as possible, in order to create a healthy environment. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Children should be fever free, vomit free, and diarrhea (even if caused by antibiotics) free for at least 48 hours before entering the nursery.
  • Children with constant or thick nasal discharge (white, yellow, or green) will not be allowed in the nursery.
  • Children that have been tested for RSV or Flu, whether they passed or failed the test, will not be allowed in the nursery the following week.
  • If children are prescribed antibiotics, they may attend class 24 hours following the first dose of antibiotics.
  • Itchy, watery eyes can be a symptom of pinkeye. A child diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pink eye) may attend after 24 hours of antibiotics treatment and once drainage of the eye has ceased.
  • Children with crusted or matted eyes will not be allowed in the nursery. • Unexplained skin rashes or excessive drooling need to be evaluated
    and treated by physician before the child attends the nursery.
  • Children with colds or coughs will not be allowed in the nursery.
  • Children with a sore throat or infants that are unable to take a bottle
    due to a sore throat will not be allowed in the nursery.

The toys are sanitized after each service. If a child is chewing on a toy, when he/she puts the toy down, it is put out of other children’s reach until it can be sanitized and safely returned. Cribs and equipment are wiped down after each service with sanitizing solution. Crib sheets are washed after each use.

Serving in the Nursery
We know it takes a lot of energy to raise children 0–48 months old. We strive to keep the time you serve in the nursery to a minimal, so you are free to learn with minimal distractions in Sunday school and worship times. However, we may ask you to serve in the nursery four times a year via a rotating nursery schedule. Please be on the lookout for a letter in the mail to include you and your spouse in this very important ministry. Once a child turns 4, he/she should attend regular church services with their family.

Who Will Be Keeping My Child in the Nursery?
Your child will be kept by trained, paid staff and volunteers to provide the most loving, clean, and secure environment possible for your little one. Each person serving in our nursery has completed a criminal background check.

Wanda Ringle
Nursery Director



Tim Allen
Minister to Children / Church Administrator

Mobile: 318-355-2188
Office: 318-728-3231

Nursery Committee:

Crystal Bennett, Leann Thomason, Andrea Morris, June McCartney, Kathy Lambert, Rachael Stephenson, & Stacy Wren

We welcome any question you may have; feel free to contact us anytime.

On behalf of our team, thanks for allowing us to care for your child!